Customer :
AT&T Services, Inc.
Technical Advisors Role :
MEP and Fire Safety Retrofit

Project Description:
Technical Advisors, Inc. (TA), services were requested by the AT&T project manager to provide a comprehensive study to review the existing HVAC 
system, perform an energy study, and ultimately design a new system for this extremely complicated telephone equipment central office building.  The existing chiller pumps, chillers, cooling tower, piping, etc. were thoroughly evaluated.  We also contacted TXU to inquire if any energy reduction rebates were available.
The entire HVAC system was replaced with a state-of-the-art system.  A new building automation system was incorporated with this project.  The energy usage was reduced by over 30% approximately.  
The Midland Mutual building is a 7-story structure, which was designed to ultimately grow over 30 stories.  The existing electrical service and the entire electrical distribution system was replaced.  The existing electrical system was 4160 volts and it was retrofitted to provide 480 volts.  There were numerous building code violations that were discovered and ultimately corrected. The new electrical switchgear and the distribution system was simplified.
The project consisted of several phases over a period of 4 years approximately.  New emergency engines along with a fuel transfer system was also designed and installed.
Description of Professional Services :
TA assisted AT&T during the procurement process in compliance with their procedures and policies.  Maneck J. Bharucha, P.E. was also responsible for all aspects of the project management.  Construction progress meetings were regularly held along with field inspections to ensure consistency with design objectives.  Dan Lampson and Mike Kuykendall were the lead investigating team members and senior designers.
This was a complicated project and extra emphasis was placed during the design and construction periods, so that the day-to-day operations of the existing equipment and the occupants of the building were not disrupted.  This experience will be an asset during the planning and phasing of the design and construction time periods for the TSU San Marcos projects.